A Gift

Sometimes God gives you a blessing. It may hurt at the time, but eventually you can see it as a blessing. I got mine last night. He did something so hurtful, I don’t know how I will get past it. Just when I thought he could do nothing worse, he managed to inflict even more damage. The man he was yesterday is the man he is today and the man it seems he will always be. He seems to have no desire to grow as a person. He is a user and he’s good with that. He is too much of a coward to change, and too arrogant to see the need. 

Closely watch their actions for them to show you who they really are and believe it when they show you. That’s God letting you see the truth. They may have all the pretty words in the world, but it’s the actions that truly matter. Trust that those actions are the true window to their soul. It’s hard and it’s painful to learn, but it’s a gift when you know for sure that the best thing to do is walk away and not ever look back.

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